Occupational therapy focuses on helping a child achieve independence. It also helps to improve, develop and restore fine motor functions, upper extremity strength and eye-hand coordination.

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Our occupational therapists work with each child on self-care, as well as everyday tasks at home or school. Treatments may include exercises or activities that focus on one or more of the following:


Thinking skills; problem solving skills; attention to task; safety awareness.


Integrating reflexes to develop voluntary movement patterns; developing motor skills, balance and equilibrium reactions; muscle tone; eye-hand coordination, grasp-release and manipulation of objects.


Feeding or using utensils; dressing and using fasteners; toileting and other hygiene skills; awareness of environmental dangers.


Ability to grasp pen/pencil; letter formation; spacing and page orientation.

Sensory Integration

Orienting to and processing sensation from the body and stimuli from the environment.

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